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  • Installing OpenVPN client on Windows

    These are the manual instructions for installing and configuring OpenVPN client. After having many problems over the years with openvpn gui breaking, I have devised a reliable work around. Create the following batch script, name it something like ovpnConnect.bat, and right click to “Run as Administrator”. This does require the openvpn gui from to […]

  • Thunderbird & Lightning | contacts, calendar, mail syncing for gmail

    . Automatic email setup add-on: Gmail IMAP Account Setup THUNDERBIRD VERSION 3 HAS NATIVE SUPPORT FOR GMAIL. Manual email instructions: Setup Thunderbird according to gmail’s imap instructions At the bottom of gmail’s instructions you will see “recommended settings“. Don’t follow the first recommendation, regarding deleting. Instead of actually (permanently) deleting email we can have it […]

  • Silverlight (Microsoft) and Moonlight (Novell) Digital Restrictions Management frustrations

    Moonlight is a Free implementation of Microsoft Silverlight. Its a Mono project, I have read rumors that 2.0 will have support for Netflix. I went to install the 2.0 dev (currently 1.99.5). Logged into netflix and was denied. I was confused because moonlights dev website says that 1.99.5 is complete except for bug testing […]

  • OpenWRT, firewall to block public wireless users from private lan behind wan

    The updated and more flexible way to do this is outlined here. It also requires updated hardware. The wrt54gl only supports openwrt v10 (backfire). I would like to add that despite the wrt54gl literally being ancient, its still a rock solid device today. Of course, only if openwrt is installed! A while ago Second Street […]