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  • Wireguard VPN on VyOS

    The commands vary depending on the version of VyOS. These instructions are for the rolling release 1.3.0 ssh to your router and start from the run terminal vyos@myGW:~$ and begin with generating keys generate wireguard default-keypair This creates the public and private keys that will automatically be used by wireguard /config/auth/wireguard/default/private.key and public.key You can […]

  • Public Key Authentication in OpenWRT using dropbear sshd

    UPDATE: The easiest way to do this is through the web interface (LuCI). System -> Administration -> SSH-Keys. Paste your public key (~/.ssh/ and click “Add key” I’ve been using so many openwrt devices lately I wanted to setup my public ssh key on each device so I can auto login. Also, I can setup […]