Tag: rsync

  • Backup Scripts in bash and batch

    Here is a bash script that I use to do simple and transparent backups of all sorts of data. I use it primarily to backup to multiple external hard drives, plugged in via USB. It uses regular mount or gnome volume manager. It also sends logs via email using “mail” and a local MTA like […]

  • Random Tech Notes

    Here are some random notes that I find useful. I also tend to forget and use as reference. == LINKS == iproute2 cheat sheet by dmbaturin http://baturin.org/docs/iproute2/ The MTU/MSS calculator, encapcalc Speedtests The BEST -> http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest https://www.speedtest.net http://compari.tech/speed SpeedOf.Me bandwidthplace.com data transfer calculator http://techinternets.com/copy_calc [] Vim reference :e filename (open filename) :q! (quit, don’t save) […]