Free Wireless in Santa Fe, NM

Here is a list of free wireless spots in Santa Fe. I’m sure I will miss some or make errors, please let me know. I don’t list locations that use a password, as it irritates me when people inconvenience patrons for some ignorant reason.

* Santa Fe Baking Company (one of the first and best wireless spots in town, lots of seating and ample power, food and kitchen smell can be harsh)
* Pyramid Cafe (VERY fast internet, Amazing Mediterranean food)
* Second Street Brewery (very solid reliable connection, inside or out. great beer too!)
* Counter Culture Cafe (the qwest connection goes down a lot, the ap is too far from the seating area, but great place to hang, eat and work)
* Teahouse (The best selection of teas and generally good internet, very relaxing place. great food too)
* Aztec Cafe (small but friendly environment, good coffee and sandwiches)
* Blue Corn (the bar downtown has it, ask the bar tender for password (indiapaleale). The southside is open AP and I think the essid is jaguar)
* Flying Star Cafe (the wireless is always slow, food is overpriced and not very good. They use sputnik as a captive portal, its annoying to ask users to sign up for internet. I login with user: free pass: wireless There is a lot of space and the air is fresh)
* Santa Fe Brewing Company (its awesome they provide internet so far out of town)
* Backroad Pizza (south side location has it, not sure about the 2nd street location)
* Joe’s Good food, friendly staff, good internet
* Body (great healthy food, limited seating in front cafe area, back dining area reserved for no computers and no cell phones :-)


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