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  • OpenWRT, Access Point only config. LAN and PUBLIC wireless on an existing subnet

    In this scenario we will be implementing a openWRT as a wireless access point only. One wireless essid will be LAN accessible and the other will be segregated from the LAN but able to access the WAN. The openWRT in this example will not be the gateway to the network. Another device is the gateway […]

  • OpenWRT setting up a public wireless access that is firewalled from the LAN

    In this post I will outline how to use zones to create public firewalled networks. A device that can bring up multiple interfaces per radio is very attractive here. One essid for private wireless and another for open public wireless. The Atheros ath9k chipsets are very well supported in this regard because they are free […]

  • Free Wireless in Santa Fe, NM

    Here is a list of free wireless spots in Santa Fe. I’m sure I will miss some or make errors, please let me know. I don’t list locations that use a password, as it irritates me when people inconvenience patrons for some ignorant reason. * Santa Fe Baking Company (one of the first and best […]