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  • Migrating SMSSecure (Silence) keys and texts

    For those unfamiliar: SMSSecure (now called Silence) is a text messaging application that supports encryption. It has exceptional integration on your phone and will handle your non-encrypted friends acquaintances texts as well. I recommend using fdroid to install it. F-droid is a Free Software repository for Android. UPDATE: You can now export an […]

  • Encrypting /home directory and decrypting on login with pam_mount

    Instead of encrypting your entire drive and operating system you can encrypt just the data that matters, /home/ Full disk encryption (FDE) vs. data only /home/ + swap – FDE cannot survive a remote reboot because it asks for the password before the system is fully running. – FDE is more secure in the sense […]

  • OpenVPN on VyOS

    OpenVPN Client/Server Implemenation ==== key signing ==== You can host the certificate authority on the vyos device itself. This is obviously not as secure as hosting it on a separate system. If someone was to get into the vyos they would have access to all your keys and would be able to sign new keys […]

  • Public Key Authentication in OpenWRT using dropbear sshd

    UPDATE: The easiest way to do this is through the web interface (LuCI). System -> Administration -> SSH-Keys. Paste your public key (~/.ssh/ and click “Add key” I’ve been using so many openwrt devices lately I wanted to setup my public ssh key on each device so I can auto login. Also, I can setup […]

  • * Creating a custom wordlist for john the ripper

    I wanted a larger wordlist than the default /usr/share/john/password.lst, with only 3115 words. Openwall sells a really great wordlist, but if you don’t need anything that fancy you can follow these instructions. The apt-get bit is debian specific. I will install dictionaries and then concatenate them all into one file, remove duplicates, lower case and […]